True You Fitness: Total Health Transformation

Friend and Client Appreciation Event

End the year strong, so you can make 2015 the best yet when it comes to health…New Year, New You, True You.

I spent the past year putting all of my knowledge regarding all of the steps I needed to take to go from obese to athlete into a simple, straight-forward online course. My ultimate goal was so you can come out at the end of the course feeling confident and empowered about making all of the day to day decisions you have to make regarding our health. No more confusion about what is and what isn’t healthy. Just a simple system for creating the healthy lifestyle you’re always thinking about.

The course covers all aspects one needs for total personal health development (6 pillars) including the areas that rarely get addressed but are crucially important to sustainability such as mindset/psychology (getting your mind right for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle change) and mindfulness in putting all of the pillars together to create an enjoyable, healthy, habitual routine. In addition, each week will also include a workout routine to follow.

This is not your average nutrition and fitness program, although those topics are covered in great detail, as well as support, energy, stress management, and body systems. It is truly a comprehensive course that touches on making all aspects of health and wellness as accessible as possible so that anyone can create their own version of their “True You” no matter what level of health and fitness you are currently living on. This is the course that I wish was available to me when I first started out on my journey to healthy living over 16 years ago.

This course will only be available from Monday through Thursday so that we can get started on the training the following Monday. This is so we will finish up the week before Christmas and you can truly finish the year strong! (don’t worry if you can’t start the following week since you will have access to the online training at any time.)
I am also offering bonus group coaching calls for the first 10 to sign up, again only being offered to my friends and clients community.

Look for my email on Monday to find out more.

Thanks for all your support along the way! -Daniele