True You Fitness presents: Total Health Transformation Academy Affiliate Info

New Year, New You, True You!

We are excited to have  you consider an affiliate and potential JV Partner for 2015. To get started, here is some background on the Total Health Academy 6 week online course.

Total Health Academy: 6 Week Online Training Course

I spent the past year putting all of my knowledge and passion regarding all of the steps I needed to take to go from obese to athlete, as well as the proven steps that I have successfully used again and again with my clients over the years into a simple, straight-forward online course. The ultimate goal is for the viewer to come out at the end of the course feeling confident and empowered about making all of the day to day decisions one has to make regarding their health. No more confusion about what is and what isn’t healthy. Just a simple, proven system for creating your own healthy lifestyle.

The course covers all aspects one needs to understand for total personal health development (6 Pillars): Mindset, Nutrition, Fitness, Body Systems, Support, and Mindfulness.

Each pillar/module contains 3 training videos; one covering the Pillar of the week, one 10-12 minute at home workout, and one nutrition specific video, all with immediately actionable items for the viewer to implement into their lives. There is about 6 hours of total training, not including the 12 expert bonus interviews. Each video also comes with follow-along worksheets that the viewer will fill out to create their own healthy lifestyle. For each of the weeks we will have a bonus interview with a top expert in the field as it relates to the module.

This is not your average nutrition and fitness program, although those topics are covered in great detail. It is truly a comprehensive personal health development course that touches on making all aspects of health and wellness simple and accessible so that anyone can create their own version of their “True You” no matter what level of health and fitness they are currently living on. This is the course that I wish was available to me when I first started out on my journey to healthy living over 16 years ago.

Launch Details

We’re planning a big affiliate launch of our Total Health Academy 6 week online course.  This will be a PLF style launch with 3 pre-launch content videos on January 6th, 9th, and 12th, and sales video/open cart on 15th, webinar on the 20th, and a closed cart on January 21st.

Affiliates receive $150 per sale tracked to them through the affiliate link during the launch period. First payout is 45 days after close to account for any refunds as we will be offering a 30 day money back guarantee.
Total Health Academy online enrollment is $297. One pay and three (3) pay options will be available.
The day after the cart closes we will send a down-sell to those who didn’t buy at the $297 price point. The down-sell will be a $67 product and you the affiliate will get $35 of that, that way we can catch anyone that was stuck on the $297 price but still wants to do something to improve their health.
A multitude of bonuses will be offered to include supplemental workouts, group coaching calls, an exclusive FB group, Motivation Mastery Course, 2 tickets to the Total Health Live event in September 2015, and more.
For our top affiliates and JV Partners we will offer reciprocal promotions throughout the year.
We are planning out cross promotion efforts in advance for the year ahead. The goal is to form mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships where we can help each other make continual progress with launches throughout 2015.
We are offering interviews with top experts in their fields, aka, YOU! Topic areas are: nutrition, mindset, fitness, sleep, stress reduction, skin care, gut health, structure, energy, etc. We will offer the interviews as bonuses to the weekly modules, as well as the bonus module section that will become available after 31 days. This is a great way to cross promote your work. We will also have ongoing interviews throughout 2015 to engage in affiliate relationships to promote your products, books, etc.

For more information, to signup as an affiliate, or to be considered as a JV partner email the team at: [email protected]