Christina, 32, Type 1 Diabetes

Ever since the beginning of my coaching with Daniele, I realized how much I was living in this negative, fear based world. My biggest wake up call was that I didn’t know what brought me joy or happiness when Daniele asked me. Throughout the coaching process, I asked myself the question “what brings me joy?” & things just eventually started to flow. Things I would have never thought. Things like: cooking and spending time alone and even just making small healthy decisions and following my intuition. I mean… I didn’t even know where they were coming from!I am so invigorated by this!

Shelby, 27, Type 1 Diabetes

I’m so thankful for this opportunity to really evaluate what I needed and how I could get on track. I went into this thinking my focus would be mostly nutrition, but I didn’t fully connect how much I needed within my heart and mind. Now I feel so ready to bring all of these things together 🙂 The journey is not always what you think it will be, but if we take it and go with it, what comes of it is so beautiful.

Kathy, Mother of teenage Type 1 client

It’s hard to put into words let alone a few sentences the impact that Daniele has had on our lives. My daughter was diagnosed at the age of 10 with type 1 diabetes. Until she hit puberty, her diabetes was manageable. When she turned 14, her diabetes spiraled out of control. A1C’s that previously were in the low 7’s now were in the high 9’s. She gained weight and her attitude was miserable. Daniele entered her life when she was 16 and within a few months of working with Daniele every week, I felt like I had my daughter back. Daniele not only worked out with her, she counseled her on eating habits and making the right food choices. Daniele helped her plan out meals and created a realistic diet plan for a teenager. Having diabetes herself, Daniele could relate to the issues my daughter was having with being different from her friends. Daniele provided support and guidance. She continues to meet with Daniele on a regular basis, her A1C is in the low 6’s and she maintains a healthy weight all thanks to Daniele’s efforts!

Lina, 47, Type 2 Diabetes

Just wanted to thank you. My A1C went from 9.8 to 6.5!  My doctor said she called the lab to make sure there was no mistake in results, that’s how happy she was!!   I can’t believe this happened in only 3 months.

Rich, 70, Type 2 Diabetes

Working with Daniele after having bypass surgery has really helped me to improve my strength and blood sugar levels.  I have reduced my insulin by 4 units so far and continue to need less as time goes on.  The best part is that my golf game has improved dramatically!  I’m giving the younger guys a run for their money now!

Judy, 80, Type 2 Diabetes

After speaking with Daniele on the phone I began following her instructions to the tee, I just had enough of being out of control and feeling so tired all the time.  My A1C went from 9.8 to 7.0 in 3 months, I stopped taking insulin injections COMPLETELY, and my blood sugars are consistently between 90-100mg/dl every time I check.  My only regret is not starting sooner!