Diabetes Online Community

Diabetes Online Community The diabetes online community is an incredible place. A place that any of us can go to anytime to find the support we need. A place with a seemingly endless variety of support systems that allow us to decide where we feel comfortable and where we fit in. A place that in reality is still in its beginning stages since it’s really no more than 15 or so years old (give or take), and it’s growing more and more every day. A place where all voices are welcome and valued and appreciated because everyone’s diabetes experience is just a little different even though we all experience much of the same thing. Where we can be ourselves without having to explain our diabetes, because, well, everyone either has it themselves or loves someone who does.

The DOC really is a magical place where diabetes is the norm, and that in itself is a welcome change to the reality of day to day life in the “real world” where we often have to explain something about our diabetes management to someone who isn’t familiar with it (which is totally OK, but it’s so nice when everyone just gets it). Whether we want to read a blog or an article on the topic of something we are struggling with right now written by a person with diabetes, watch an interview between 2 people living with diabetes just so we can relate to the topic of conversation, or we want to live chat with someone else who has diabetes and really just “gets it” no matter what we say, the DOC has our backs.

Very often when I tell fellow people with diabetes about the DOC who aren’t actively involved in it already, the first thing they ask me is where they can find it, which is a very good question. It can be found all over the interwebs, but there is no “official” page that lists all of the amazing sites to check out in order to find the things we are looking for.

For now, I decided to start a page at diabetesoc.com where I’ve just begun to compile a list of as many of the blogs, article sites, forums, YouTube channels, and other resources for easier navigation of this vast and awesome community of amazingness. I will continually add to this site, and also welcome any suggestions for resources that should be added. If you have any suggestions, email me at [email protected]ator.com and we can continue to build this DOC homepage as it were together!  -Daniele Hargenrader