Are your unconscious focuses leading you to feel unnecessary pain every day? Change your focus!


Consciously and intentionally choosing what you focus on = consciously and intentionally choosing the quality of your life!

There are 3 main focuses we are always in control of in our lives that undoubtedly determine our experience of life – one focus causes pain and fear while the other causes joy, love, gratitude and empowerment.

These 3 focuses apply to all areas of life, and particularly the relationships we have with our mind, body, spirit wellness and the choices we make consistently.

☑️ Focus #1: What you have versus what you don’t have

☑️ Focus #2: What you can control versus what you can’t control

☑️ Focus #3: Whether you live (mentally/spiritually) in the past, the future, or in the present

Which of each of these focuses do you (likely unconsciously) default to in your day to day experiences of life?

Can you see how one focus causes a person to feel fear and pain, and the other focus causes a person to feel joy and empowerment?

The more you remain conscious and aware of your power to choose in every situation (minute to minute) and the more you consciously and intentionally choose gratitude for what you have versus anger for what you don’t, gratitude for what you can control (your own choices) and waste no energy on what you can’t control (everything in the world BUT your own choices), and the more you keep your thoughts in the present (which is all we ever truly have) versus the past (which you can’t change) or the future (which you can’t predict), the more you are consistently practicing mindfulness, self-care, and self-love as a default mindset habit! 🙏🙌

☑️ If you have access to insulin/medication yet repeatedly focus on being angry for needing it in the first place, you will feel unnecessary pain.

☑️ If you have diabetes/any other health challenge and are constantly fighting the reality of it by defaulting to anger and self-pity for your reality, you will feel unnecessary pain.

☑️ If you constantly relive past events or imagine unknown future events and allow that to dictate your feelings daily, you are creating unnecessary pain.

Changing your focus means learning ACCEPTANCE through consciously and intentionally practicing gratitude & self-love, and remaining present more often than not – AKA practicing mindfulness. All of these things are PRACTICES and require compassionate love and effort. These practices will change ALL aspects of your life for the better in ways you may not even be able to imagine just yet – both for you and those you love and influence.

Being conscious and aware of these focuses and the essential role you play in choosing them are foundational personal development MUSTS!

You can choose to stay where you are, or you can choose to change your focus and practices and move forward. The choice is always yours.

In the Love Yourself to Health monthly coaching membership group, we focus on cultivating the sustainable, life-altering practices of self-love every single day, with built in accountability, support, guidance, and so much more. We welcome you to join our tribe – our self-love family – and see how your life changes in just one month. It’s only one dollar to join – the choice to love yourself is always squarely in your hands.


What is Self-care? Perspective Matters!

How are you intentionally practicing self-love via self-care today?🤔 Let me know in the comments!

Sometimes we get caught up in an all-or-nothing mindset when it comes to self-care practices. Either I do EVERYTHING exactly right or I do nothing at all! Sometimes we are unwilling to embrace the fact that every act of self-care, no matter how seemingly small, MATTERS IMMENSELY. 🙌

So, when I ask you how you’re intentionally practicing self-care, I’m simply reminding you that hydrating your body is self-care. Eating vegetables and fruits (and other nutrient dense foods) is self-care. Journaling is self-care. Taking conscious, intentional deep breaths for any amount of time is self-care. Meditating is self-care. Spending any amount of time in nature just BEING is self-care. 🍉🥑💧

Taking a walk is self-care. Laying by the pool is self-care. Reading a book you enjoy is self-care. Taking a bath is self-care. Drinking water is self-care. Gratitude stacking is self-care. 🏊‍♀️🛁📚

The list of small, simple, meaningful practices goes on and on. The goal is to work toward changing your perspective to consciously and intentionally framing ALL of these actions under the category of self-care, which then translates into allowing you to feel successful in your self-care practices more often, which leads to you wanting to do more, and so on in an upward self-care spiral. 😊

They don’t all need to be accomplished in any particular time frame for any one of them to deeply nurture and heal your mind, body, spirit wellness! 💫

WHY is this so incredibly important? 🤔

Throughout my own personal transformation(s) and bearing witness to wellness transformations of thousands of others who achieved things they previously believed unattainable for themselves in all areas of life, I’ve learned one major lesson that always rings true:

☑️The amount of health, vibrancy, energy, vitality, joy, happiness – overall total wellness that you feel every day – IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO the amount of self-love and self-care you are willing to practice day to day.

That is why changing our perspectives on what self-care is (how we define/frame it) is so important (and why I aim to drive that point home continuously.) That is WHY redefining self-care is SO CRUCIAL to changing one’s habits, beliefs, and overall lifestyle choices in a sustainable way. 🙌

That is why I’m so intent on guiding you to allow yourself to feel successful EVERY SINGLE TIME you drink water, read a book, appreciate nature, or thousands of other seemingly mundane or unimportant actions that are actually massively celebration-worthy practices of self-care. 🎆🎇🎉

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