Diabetes Empowerment Summit – Speaker Order Announced – Mark Your Calendar!

The fourth annual Diabetes Empowerment Summit online interview series is beginning in SIX DAYS on August 5, 2020!

If you haven’t registered yet, click here to register now! It’s free, and registration takes about ten seconds. Then, forward this blog onto all of your friends and health care providers in the diabetes community to share this inspirational and educational free online resource, now in its fourth year!

You can view the title/topic of each speaker’s interview on the registration page, and below is the order in which each of the four days interviews will be released:

Each days interviews will be released at 8 am EST and will be available to view for 48 hours after its release, so be sure to pick which interviews most appeal to you and mark your calendars!

Hearing honest, vulnerable stories and experiences from as many different viewpoints as possible allows each of us to better understand and interact with our own diabetes, and grow more empathy and compassion for our fellow humans around the world.

Join us at the Diabetes Empowerment Summit starting August 5th to expand your diabetes awareness, and grow your focus on love, progress, compassion, and self-care!

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