The Messy Middle

What is your intention for this week?

Setting one or more very specific intentions each week (personally I do it every day because I’ve witnessed the enormous positive effects it has on my life) truly does increase our awareness of our desired outcomes which in turn aims us much more truly in the direction of said outcomes. Shoot for the moon, land among the stars…

Along your journey, please join me in remembering this as often as needed: progress is NEVER linear. One of my mentors says “there are no straight lines in nature, and yet nature always finds a way.”

Ebbs and flows. Steps forward and backward. Occasional giant leaps but mostly meaningful baby steps (and stumbles). There are no straight lines. It is when we convince ourselves that perfection is a real, attainable goal that we truly experience the most (self-inflicted) pain.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now.

And, if you feel like you aren’t where you “should” be (not a fan of the word “should” at all, by the way since should is, in itself, a generally critical self-judgement) rest in the awareness that you have all the tools you need to take the next small step towards wherever you want to go within you right now – you always have and you always will. The small, consistent steps are really the ones that lead us to those big, sometimes seemingly insurmountable goals throughout our lives.

Take the next small step. Interrupt the thought process every time you find yourself thinking about the falseness of perfection and instead find joy and learn from all the small steps we all GET TO take to get wherever it is we are aiming to go.

Join me with love and gratitude in the messy middle and trust the process – the beautiful, messy, lovely, ugly, joyful, painful, incredibly awesome process of personal growth – mind, body, and spirit.

If it doesn’t challenge you and take you outside your comfort zone, it won’t yield the results you’re after. I’ve found that meaningful, sustainable growth generally doesn’t happen without overwhelm and growing pains, however, I’ve also found the expressing intense gratitude on a very regular basis massively alleviates those pesky growing pains.

So keep going, because you deserve to explore your dreams, and the world needs as much love as it can get.

P.S. This is me writing to myself to process my emotions – I hope it serves you, too.

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