If There Was A Simple Way To Feel Good More Often That Took 30 Seconds, Would You DO IT?

Self-love = Mindfulness = Presence = FEELING GOOD MORE OFTEN: Adjust Your Perspective

Self-love, mindfulness and presence are interchangeable words and practices in my life and as a result in my teachings. Regardless of which word I choose to use, they all mean the same things and produce the same life-changing results when put into practice:

Massively increased feelings of improved mental, physical and spiritual health, gratitude, and joy.

When I think about practicing mindfulness, the first thing I think of is being fully present in the current moment, without any judgment towards myself or others or towards the past or future. My ability to enter this state is facilitated by deep breathing and the intentional expression of gratitude for all that I do have and can do.

Thirty short seconds of choosing to be in this state is like hitting the re-set button on your mind, body, spirit connection to self and others, and charging back up with the energy of love. It’s like closing out all the open tabs in your mind’s browser and opening up ONE new one once you’re ready to move forward.

Choose to Recharge

Consciously practicing mindfulness is so crucial to all areas of our wellness because of the pace at which most of us are living today and the expectations we place upon ourselves to “be productive.” Go, go, go. Produce, produce, produce. Check everything off the to-do list.

We’re so wrapped up in DOING, and when we feel we haven’t done enough, that elicits feelings of inadequacy, not-enough-ness, stress, guilt, shame. All of those words are just code for living in fear – for making our decisions from a place of fear versus love which almost always ends up in an undesirable outcome.

The key to cultivating the sustainable good feelings that we want is a solid, non-negotiable daily TO BE practice – allowing ourselves to say each and every day “now is the time I’ve set aside to simply BE.” This is practicing self-love.

Prioritize Feeling Good on Your To-Do List

If you’re just getting started, I recommend setting two repeating calendar reminders each day to re-set your connection to feeling gratitude with thirty seconds of mindfulness – thirty seconds of BEING. This will also work wonders for more advanced self-love practitioners!

Deep breathing, expressing gratitude and appreciation for all that you are – gratitude for your heart beating, your lungs breathing, your feet carrying you through life, your hands allowing you to feel, and on and on and on without you ever having to ask your body to do any of it – you are truly magical if you MAKE THE TIME and allow yourself to recognize it!

If you want to see and feel even better after this refreshing mindfulness practice, set an intention for the outcome you desire for whatever task/situation/conversation/etc. you are heading into next. The results will likely amaze you. You will feel like you are in a world of “coincidences” but really you are simply flowing along with the current of the Universe by being conscious and intentional about what you want.

Don’t Take My Word for It

Don’t take my word for this – please try this out for yourself! I want you to FEEL GOOD, and I know with 100% certainty that practicing mindfulness for thirty seconds a couple of times each day will make you feel good in those moments – undoubtedly better than if you choose not to.

Dr. Wayne Dyer describes our connection to the Universe/Goddess/God/Gaia/MotherNature/InfiniteIntelligence/DivineSpirit/WhateverYouThinkIsOutThere as always present and working in our favor, however, it is up to us to keep the connection clear, and I wholeheartedly agree.

The only way to keep the connection clear is by practicing mindfulness, self-love, presence – by tapping into that energetic current as often as you are willing.

The more you tap in, the easier it is to live in a more consistently connected and present state. When you are in that state, you are calm and in tune with the energy of the Universe. You feel more supported and grounded versus frustrated and anxious.

Your Mindfulness Options are Limitless

The ways we can tap into that source current to keep our mindful, present, conscious, intentional energy going include but are in no way limited to: meditation, journaling, deep breathing, gratitude stacking, mantras, praying, affirmations, setting intentions, grounding/Earthing/communing with nature, any kind of creative expression such as drawing, writing, painting, knitting, cooking, building, sculpting, singing, dancing, playing instruments, designing, choreographing, yoga, and SO MANY MORE.

EVERY SINGLE DECISION YOU MAKE about your health (diabetes management included) will be influenced positively by prioritizing practicing mindfulness each day simply because you are changing your awareness.

One Final Thought

I’m in no way saying that practicing mindfulness is going to solve all of your challenges, that you will never feel negative emotions again, or that it is in any way wrong to feel negative emotions. What I am saying is that by consciously and intentionally making any sort of daily mindfulness practice part of your life, your challenges and negative emotions will automatically feel less heavy. It is also highly likely that the amount of time you spend in negative emotional states will get shorter and shorter over time the more you are willing to practice mindfulness in some way each day.

You deserve to feel good more often, and you heavily influence whether or not that happens by taking control of your daily priorities and practices.

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