“Fall” into Healthy Habits – 1 Day Challenge

Well folks, it is officially FALL! As the weather changes from warm to cold, we all have our routines or habits that we find ourselves falling into. This super simple challenge will take about 5 minutes to complete, and will help you identify and head off any unhealthy habits that might try to sneak back into your life as the cold weather slowly creeps in.

In this 2 minute video, we are focusing on the habits that we all have that seem to repeat each year as the seasons change from warm to cold. We take it a step further and consciously identify what we can do to make sure that we don’t “fall” into any unhealthy habits that might derail our progress towards better diabetes management choices.

Challenge Action Items:

1. Write down one habit that you KNOW you repeat each year when the weather begins to get cold that does not serve you in a positive way on your diabetes and health journey.

2. Write down three options that you can intentionally put into practice to make sure you don’t “fall” into an unhealthy habit that will throw your healthy habits off track, then put those options into practice!

3. Comment below and share a habit you usually fall into, and how you plan on heading it off from derailing your healthy practices throughout the cold weather.


Always remember, you are much stronger than you think you are!
With Love,
Daniele 🙂 

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