Love & Connection – In Person Diabetes Peer Support – Get Some! :) Plus, see me dancing on a fireplace!

Since I was extremely introverted, suffering from an eating disorder, and depressed during my teenage years, I never wanted to go to diabetes camp even though my mom suggested it several times.

I realize now as an adult how incredibly crucial it is to hang out with our peers with diabetes in order to know that we are not alone, and to feel truly connected to people who just get it.

If you missed out on camp as a kid like I did, there is good news. Camp Nejeda hosts a weekend-long summer camp for adults with type 1 diabetes every summer, and I’ve been blessed to be both a presenter and participant for the past 2 summers.

This type of experience is something I highly recommend every person with diabetes has at least one time in their life. In person peer support is life-changing.

I woke up to my alarm at 5am on Saturday morning. The night before, I packed my car full of all the supplies I would need for my overnight trip.

As you know, any overnight trip for someone with diabetes requires quite a bit of prep! I needed to be prepared to teach yoga twice, and to present to the participants for an hour twice, once each on Saturday and Sunday.

In addition, I needed everything (including dress, shoes, etc.) to attend the Beyond Type 1 Gala on Saturday night to send off Team Bike Beyond, who are a group of absolutely inspiring human beings who all have type one diabetes and who are currently biking across the US to raise money and awareness for Type 1!

I left my house in Philadelphia at 6 am, arrived at camp in Stillwater, NJ at 8 am, taught my first session at 2:30, led yoga at 4:30, left camp for New York at 5:30, arrived in NYC at 7, enjoyed the Gala from 7-9 pm, arrived back at camp at 11 pm, was up teaching yoga on Sunday at 8 am, and presented my last session at 10:45 am!

It was amazing to spend all of Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon participating, listening to the other presenters, browsing the vendor fair, and most importantly, hanging out and bonding with my diabetes family. The love I received from everyone was incredible, and filled my heart with profound joy.

To say I had a whirlwind of a weekend would be an understatement! It was a whirlwind of LOVE from and CONNECTION to the diabetes community that I’m still overwhelmed with gratitude to have taken part in.

When I finally arrived home on Sunday around 5pm, I literally crashed into a two hour nap! Luckily the blood sugar gods were relatively good to me throughout all of the excitement.

Check out this short video clip of me teaching the participants a short interactive dance routine at the end of my mindful fitness presentation  🙂

Hope to see you out and about in the diabetes community soon!

xo -Daniele


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