My first time in Idaho was AMAZING! Find out why… :)

Last week I shared the incredible time I had speaking and participating at Camp Nejeda, and this week I wanted to share the whirlwind of love, fun, and community I experienced at the retreat I spoke at and participated in last weekend in Sun Valley, Idaho!

25 kick-ass human beings with diabetes got together for a weekend of learning, hiking, low-carb food prep, and heartwarming community building.

My mom, who is one of my biggest diabetes supporters, traveled to the retreat with me (from Philadelphia!), cooked all weekend for the 25 participants with me, hiked uphill at 6,000 feet elevation with me, and participated throughout by sharing her love, wisdom and support. My gratitude for her love knows no bounds!

I’ve never had an experience quite like this before! We got to run a full commercial kitchen and prepare “good looking food that makes you look good” (something Kyle and I came up with in the kitchen!) Even way back in the day when I was a prepared foods chef at Whole Foods, which was fun, I still had a boss. Here, we were in charge, and it was a blast to feed my diabetes family, and get to do so with my favorite cooking partner, my mom 🙂 

I also had the chance to present to the group on Sunday, which was awesome!

The last couple of weeks traveling and speaking about tools and practices for living happy and healthy with diabetes has filled my heart with immense joy. I am so grateful to be on the path fueled by my purpose and passion for serving the diabetes community and helping people find their inner wisdom and empowerment. 

I believe that our inner wisdom knows the answers to all of our questions, and that so much of our own individual diabetes management is so very unique and intuitive. We just need to practice listening to our intuition, or our gut feelings, more often, and know that joy and love will always provide the best compass towards the answers we are seeking. <3


  1. Nikki Canady Penda says

    How WONDERFUL to meet you in person! You are knowledgeable and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your gifts and your story. I’m reaching in to find my inner DOMINATOR 💪🏾

    • DiabetesDominator says

      It was absolutely my pleasure to meet you, Nikki! You are an outstanding person, and I LOVE your attitude and willingness to be adaptable with a great outlook no matter what life brings your way 🙂

  2. Mary Shivy says

    Glad you got there. Looks amazing. Wonderful growth in service from you and Jody for so many. I hope to go when it comes up again.

    • DiabetesDominator says

      I hope to see you there next time, Mary! It would be lovely to meet you in person! 🙂 Hope you are well!

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