Diabetes Dominator Group Coaching Program Kicks off July 10!!! Come & join the team! :)


I’ve had the blessing and privilege of working with clients one-on-one with incredible, repeatable, proven success for the past 7 years now, and will probably continue to do so forever as I absolutely love it.

It is my passion to guide people with diabetes into SUSTAINABLY owning their power of choice, confidence, and empowerment in making all of the day to day decisions those of us with diabetes need to make in order to live happy and healthy.

However, I am only one person, and working one-on-one limits the amount of people I am able to help on their journeys. Plus, I’ve had many questions over the years about when I would do a group coaching program, so based on your feedback….
We’ve been working diligently on developing our Group Coaching program for the last few months!
It is awesome, fully comprehensive, based on the consistent successes of my one-on-one coaching and my 6 Pillars of Total Health system, and we are ready to roll!!!
Eeeek! I’m so excited!!! I’ve never offered any program with this much value for less than half the cost of my one-on-one coaching ever before!
Since this is the introductory iteration of the program, I am only taking on 13 participants (I have a thing with numbers, and 13 is a lucky one for me…UPDPATE: since releasing this announcement to my email list yesterday, Sunday, 2 spots have already been filled, so we’re down to 11 spots left)! In order to ensure that all participants get the personalized attention they need to succeed in reaching the goals we work together to set at the start of the program, we are keeping things intimate for now
If this 8 week Group Coaching program sounds like it is right for you and you want to know all the details, what you will learn, how you will transform, and all the bonuses included, click HERE to find out!
Looking forward to working with you!

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