How To Use Afrezza Inhaled Insulin – This Is How I Do Diabetes – Tips & Tricks

I’m so excited to share the next episode of my new YouTube series This Is How I Do Diabetes with you today!

I genuinely hope that these videos will educate, inspire, and encourage YOU to share how YOU do diabetes with our community as well, because learning from each other is a priceless resource…your voice is valuable!

The endless tips & tricks I’ve picked up over the years by watching videos of our peers in the diabetes community has helped me so much on my diabetes journey…tons of information that no doctor or endocrinologist would’ve ever been able to provide, unless they lived with diabetes themselves.

And, even more meaningful to me is that when I watch other people doing the day to day things that we all do when living with diabetes, it acts as a much needed reminder that I’m not alone on my diabetes journey, and that feeling gives me immense comfort and a sense of belonging that I need in order to live my best life. We are in this together!

This week I’m showing how I use Afrezza inhaled insulin as another handy tool in my tool belt of diabetes management practices, and how it starts bringing high blood sugars down in just 15 minutes!

Leave a comment and let me know what you do differently, or if you have a tip that works well for you so we can continue to learn and grow together as a community!

And, if you choose to share how YOU do diabetes anywhere on social media, use the #ThisIsHowIDoDiabetes so I can find and share your posts!

Please share these videos with anyone you think could benefit from the info 🙂

DISCLAIMER: The thoughts and opinions expressed in this video are strictly my own and are not associated with Mannkind Corp or any other company or product mentioned in this video. I was not approached or compensated for the making of this video.

I am NOT a medical doctor. In NO WAY should the information in this video be substituted for medical advice.

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