Phil Graham Interviewed By Daniele Hargenrader – Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator, Episode 54

phil graham

I love getting to know people who are passionate about teaching and sharing their knowledge to help others live happier, healthier lives, because I love to learn! Especially from people like Phil Graham who absolutely does not let diabetes stop him from living the life he desires!

Renowned competitive body builder and Sports Nutritionist Phil Graham has established himself as one of the UK’s leading fitness educators and coaches. He coaches and inspires a diverse range of clientele ranging from personal trainers, members of the public, as well as professional athletes across a wide variety of sports.

Phil educates 1000’s of personal trainers each year through his seminars, workshops and attendance at some of the world’s largest health and fitness exhibitions. He actively writes for many major fitness publications, and hosts the popular Podcast Elite Muscle Radio Podcast (available on iTunes). He is also in the process of writing his first book, The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide.

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