Chris Ruden Interviewed By Daniele Hargenrader – Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator, Episode 51

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Thanks to the amazing DOC, I’ve found yet another incredibly inspiring, genuinely nice, generous person who found the strength to turn adversity into advantage, and who is thriving with diabetes!

As you will see, we experienced some technical difficulties from minutes 3-6 so please excuse the real life language that occurs!

Chris Ruden is an elite Powerlifter, entrepreneur, model and motivational speaker – despite his congenital birth defect leaving him with only 2 fingers on his left hand and a shorter left arm.

Chris was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 19 years old, and according to him, his diagnosis was a huge blessing in disguise.

Chris just launched his new e-Book “The Art of Losing Body Fat” in order to help more people understand that the way we eat truly shapes our body composition, and that it can be simpler than one might think to follow a healthy lifestyle.

See more awesomeness from Chris Ruden and grab your copy of his eBook at:

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