Judith Ball Interviewed by Daniele Hargenrader – Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator, Episode 50!

judith ball 75 years with t1

I’m thrilled to bring the diabetes community this interview (my 50th interview!!!) with the incredibly inspirational Judith Ball. This beautiful soul has been thriving with type 1 diabetes for 75 years and she is still going strong. She also had a 2nd degree connection to Dr. Banting which she talks about in the interview!

Judith has a B.A. in Education and ran her own preschool for 8 years. She is also heavily involved with volunteer work to this day.

Meeting people like Judith keeps my mindset around knowing that diabetes will not stop me from doing whatever I want in life strong and ever growing, and I’m grateful to her for sharing her story with me.

Judith is a shining example of the fact that those of us with diabetes can truly do whatever fulfills us and brings us joy. She exemplifies that diabetes is not a valid excuse to stop us in this one precious shot we get at this journey we call life.

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