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Have you tried new the Dario meter? What are your thoughts on this type of glucometer versus the kinds we use now?

Check out the video for my full review.

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  1. I was excited by the concept when I bought one for trial immediately they became available in Australia in 2015. I contacted the company following some earlier difficulties with my Dario; eventually they replaced it. Recently I was asked by the company rep for feedback. I sent them a copy of a reply I posted to a person excited by the meter on reddit. As I mentioned to that person I’m not as enthused as you are.

    Below is a copy of that report, followed by their response:

    I have been lax in posting my report on Dario. I’m not quite as enthused as you are. Possibly you can give me feedback on the points I miss.

    The first problem was compatibility with my phone.

    It worked initially, during which time I did the testing which led to the first report below. Then I had a lot of problems getting it to communicate with my Samsung galaxy S4. It took many emails to convince the company rep in Australia to send a replacement.

    I posted this initial report to them based on those earlier tests:

    * Small, lightweight and compact, a major improvement in that respect over other testing systems.
    * The lancet lid arrangement is awkward. When changing depth setting or lancets it is too easy to catch the thumb on the installed lancet as the cap is flicked off.
    * Damp fingers after washing in readiness for the test made it difficult to load the lancet device. I learned to slide it back just enough to get a thumbnail over the end of the slider for extra purchase. Possibly adding some roughness to the smooth plastic sides of the sliding section would be an improvement.
    * The inner cap on the strips container section is redundant and adds an unnecessary extra step to the testing process. The outer cap was sometimes quite difficult to get off.
    * Both end caps would be better if hinged for retention on the body instead of fully removable. Eventually many users will lose the strips end cap but probably not bother replacing it. They are less likely to lose the lancet end cap as frequent testers do not change lancets with every test.

    The interface with the smartphone would be much better if less steps were required to start the app. For my phone the steps are:

    * Remove tester section from Dario and insert in phone
    * Press start button on the side of the phone
    * Swipe screen
    * Go to the page with the Dario icon
    * Start app
    * Open and retain detachable end cap, then container cap for test strip
    * Replace detachable cap
    * Insert test strip
    * Load lancet and lance
    * Add blood droplet to strip.

    Ideally insertion of the device into the headphone jack should bypass most of those phone app steps and automatically start the app on the “insert test strip” page. Hopefully that is a future change. The steps may seem simple, but they would be not so simple for someone suffering a hypo.

    Several times I wasted a test strip when my phone went to black screen if I touched the wrong button or it timed out normally and the app had to be re-started.

    Unfortunately all that became irrelevant when it stopped working.

    When the replacement meter arrived I had very high (over 20 mmol/l or 360 mg/dl) results with tests using strips opened a couple of months before when compared with normal results on the Freestyle Lite. That problem was solved by new strips. High readings appeared again about a month after that strips pack was opened.

    I have not used it for several months now as I lost interest. I’ll re-start my comparison testing to see if things have changed.

    Cheers, Alan

    Their reply:

    Your feedback is very important for us and I’m forwarding your comments to our development team, they will have now a number of challenges.

    I’m sure they will be extremely receptive to the points you mentioned below and I hope we will see improvements soon.

    If you need further assistance on the actual Dario, I will be happy to assist you.

  2. Richard says

    I was very disapointed in this meter because if you use an Otterbox Phone case the meter will not slide far enough in to the jack to make a connection to read your blood sugar levels. A complete waste of time and money

    • DiabetesDominator says

      I’m sorry you had that experience. I also use an OtterBox iPhone case and have no issues with plugging in the Dario meter. Maybe it’s different for different styles of phone and the style/thickness of the OtterBox itself.

      • Kayla says

        What kind of iphone do you have? And which otterbox case? I’m switching phones and as my phone is my meter I want to protect it as much as possible.

  3. Rich Cunrod says

    I have an otter box case on my Iphone 6 plus and I can not get the meter to seat in as well. Thinking I might have wasted my money

  4. Frank says

    I got mine yesterday and successfully tested my levels twice. This morning I’ve wasted 10 strips cause it kept giving me errors saying not enough blood was added. My old meter (OneTouch VerioIQ) worked flawlessly with the same amount of blood.
    Maybe it’s this batch of strips, if not this product is pretty much useless.

    • DiabetesDominator says

      Sorry to hear that Frank. I would definitely contact customer service so they can replace those strips.

    • Kari Holbrook says

      I was able to take two readings then 12 more strips wasted as none of them read the blood.

      • DiabetesDominator says

        I’m sorry to hear that, Kari 🙁 I’d recommend calling their customer service number and asking them to send some replacement strips.

  5. vanessa says

    I love how compact and simple this is…maybe too simple or maybe I don’t understand diabetes. My highest test has been 147 (I test once a day in the morning) yet my A1c is 6.5. Dario shows the 90 day average as 116. When I put this in an A1c calculator it comes back with 5.6. I have done multiple test throughout the day on occasion to see what that reads and it is usually even lower during the day than in the morning.
    Is Dario accurate? I know the calculator is an estimate but could it be that far off?

    • DiabetesDominator says

      Thanks for watching and sharing your experience, Vanessa! All glucometers + test strips are held to the same FDA mandated standards of accuracy, and the current standards pretty much suck as the allow for a 20% deviation either way and can still be called “accurate.” That being said, if you’re only checking 1-3 times a day, that’s all the info your Dario has to analyze and it is likely that your BGs are higher at different times of the day, but since you’re not checking, you don’t realize it. You could try checking more often, or possibly look into getting a continuous glucose monitor so you have more consistent readings. Best of luck!

  6. Karen Fiume says

    I’ve been researching reviews on this meter, because it’s been reading ridiculously high for me (241 vs 144 on Freestyle Lite, 226 vs 128 and 131 on two Freestyle Lites). It was scary, since I’m doing well (so I thought) on a very low carb diet, and I’m very glad I’m not on a sliding scale insulin regimen, because I’d be hospitalized. I read Alan’s review above, and opened a new pack of strips. Voila, a reading similar to the Freestyles. Thanks, Alan! I was getting angry that this convenient meter was a waste of time and money!

    • DiabetesDominator says

      Glad you got it all sorted out, Karen!

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