Spare a Rose, Save a Child Campaign & Diabetes Podcast Week – 2016

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What exactly is Spare a Rose, Save a Child? It is a campaign designed by a handful of amazing members of our diabetes online community in partnership with the IDF’s (International Diabetes Federation) Life for a Child Program.

The idea behind Spare a Rose is based around a Valentine’s Day campaign (from February 1 – 14th aka NOW!) where the average cost of a single rose is about $5. Instead of spending money on roses or candy alone, we could get one less rose, or a little less candy, and with that $5 we have the ability to donate enough insulin to last a child (who would otherwise not get that insulin) for one month. The idea isn’t to leave your loved ones hanging, it’s to spread the love even further by giving the gift of life.

Some of the children that these donations are going to help may live less than one year once they are diagnosed with diabetes due to the severe lack of insulin, education, and supplies. If we can spare just $5 (or more if you are able), that will go towards saving another human being’s life. There is no greater way to spread love than to donate life.

You can even run a campaign in your office/workplace to raise funds, and spread the love and good feelings of helping those in need throughout your circle of influence!

This is so important to me because there were times in my life where I had to fight and go deep into debt to get the insulin I needed to stay alive as an adult. These children (who often are orphaned) can’t just put their insulin on a credit card and worry about paying it off later. They have to face the horror of knowing that they will die if they don’t get the insulin they need.

The idea of not having insulin, the medicine we need to stay alive, is horrifying. Until the world changes and insulin is free for everyone who needs it, we must step up to help our brothers and sisters. And for just $5 and less than 5 minutes from start to finish, this is a no-brainer.

Please SHARE this campaign with your friends and family. The more people know it exists, the more people we can help. Awareness is powerful, and the power to spread this awareness is in your hands!

This year I was invited to join the efforts during Diabetes Podcast Week (February 1st – 7th) to help spread the word about Spare a Rose, Save a Child. Now I realize this isn’t a podcast, but they were nice enough to let me join in with my vlog anyway 🙂

Follow this link to read about all the other awesome people participating in Diabetes Podcast Week, and go check out their podcasts! 

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