Marina Tsaplina Interviewed by Daniele Hargenrader – Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator, Episode 28

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Based out of NYC, Marina Tsaplina is a versatile kinesthetic performing artist. As the Founder of The Betes organization, she brings the power and enchantment of theater, puppetry, and clown into the diabetes healthcare space to address emotional health and the lived-experience of diabetes. She is passionate in strengthening the patient voice, de-stigmatizing depression, and connecting different sides of the healthcare sector into a unified conversation though the power of theater.

During our interview, we chat about her diagnosis while living in Russia, and her deeply moving personal struggles and triumphs while dealing with diabetes and life in general. Marina is a warm, genuine soul who when she talks, you can’t help but to be enchanted by her loving personality. It was a great interview, and I count myself as lucky to be in the presence of such a strong, passionate leader in helping spread her message that “healthcare is a human story.”

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  1. Mary Shivy says

    Marina, thanks for this episode with daniele.
    I have type one 49 years. I have made dramatic changes in my self care during the past summer of 2015. Your presentation here struck my heart as I want to tell my story, it’s so long, so many pieces and now after this summer I am on a new road, one of more expression of the feelings that keep me well, which have changed over the journey of my life. As a result of this last summer, working with real persons with diabetes, I come to want to celebrate, in a dramatic way, when I am celebrating 50 years of Making work. That 50 years is coming in April 2016, so it seems I want to tune in to whatever you are doing in March, maybe. I am married, no children, I teach at a Montessori Preschool, and I want to leave teaching because of age, but have not found a go to place. Sorry this is so long. Meanwhile I have depression, reoccurring all my diabetes life, but it is my goal to not use antidepressant medicines, because they make me tired and not well. I use exercise, and better food to keep me better. (not always).
    Thanks for this interview with Daniele. I’ll look you up on your websites. Have good days, Mary Shivy

    • DiabetesDominator says

      Keep up the awesome work Mary! We are all on this journey together 🙂

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