Daniele Hargenrader Interviews Emily Coles – Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator, Episode 22

Me and Emily Coles
I had a ton of fun interviewing Emily Coles. She has a great energy and an even better sense of humor! Emily was diagnosed with diabetes too young to remember anything but sitting on the kitchen floor and hearing her mom call her dad on their rotary telephone to say “meet us at the hospital”. 37 years later, Emily is a happy, active and healthy person with diabetes. She works at Diabetes Hands Foundation as Head of Communities for two online social networks for people touched by diabetes, and Community Manager of TuDiabetes, specifically.

Emily shares her story of growing up with diabetes, the things she struggled with, and the funny story of being paired up on a play date with another child who had diabetes and why it didn’t quite work out!

In addition to her work at Diabetes Hands Foundation Emily has been teaching and competing in Ballroom Dance for many years, and has recently discovered a love of biking. She lives in San Francisco with her girlfriend and their dog, who cannot smell low blood sugar AT ALL 🙂

See more about Emily’s work with the Diabetes Hands Foundation here:


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