Daniele Hargenrader Interviews Gary Scheiner – Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator

me and gary
Having the opportunity to interview Gary Scheiner was pretty awesome. He has a great sense of humor (loves The Simpsons as much as I do!), is an award winning CDE, and has been living with T1D himself since 1985. Gary is married with 4 children and he runs Integrated Diabetes Services near Philadelphia, PA which is why I was lucky enough to grab lunch with him since Philly is my home town 🙂 In the interview he shares his personal story of diagnosis, his love for sports and physical activity, and lots more!

Gary is the author of many excellent diabetes books including “You Can Control Diabetes” (1997), “Think Like A Pancreas” (2004), “The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting” (2007), “Get Control of Your Blood Sugar” (2009), “Think Like A Pancreas, 2nd edition” (2011), and “Until There’s A Cure” (2012). He truly knows what it means to talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to diabetes management.

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