Daniele Hargenrader Interviews Edward Fieder – Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator

If you’ve never heard of Edward Fieder, you should definitely check out this week’s interview. Not only is Edward an awesome, inspirational person living with diabetes, but he is also the author and photographer for his upcoming book, The Faces of Diabetes and runs the non-profit organization and website, also named The Faces of Diabetes. On top of his great photography, Edward films some really funny videos at diabetes camp were he has been a camper and then counselor for the past 16 years that you should definitely check out on his YouTube channel if you like to laugh (links below!).

Edward shares his personal story of diagnosis, the struggles he faced growing up with diabetes, and how going to camp and meeting other people with diabetes was incredibly helpful. He is just a really cool, laid back guy who is on a mission to educate and help people (especially kids) with diabetes by adding the much needed element of humor to what is very often is a depressing situation. What started as Edward’s college graduation project for photography turned into an ever-growing passion to share with the world what the faces of diabetes really look like…and despite what the world may think, we don’t all look like Wilford Brimley 🙂

See more awesomeness from Edward:

Website – TheFacesofDiabetes.org

Facebook- Facebook.com/TheFacesofDiabetes

Instagram- TheFacesofDiabetes

Youtube- youtube.com/c/TheFacesofDiabetes-videos

Snapchat- FacesofDiabetes

Twitter- @FacesofDiabetes

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