How to Sustain Motivation

When we choose to make a change in our lives, it is sparked by some form of motivation. But as we all know, motivation is hard to SUSTAIN throughout the entire process of making those changes whether they be a new way of eating, a new exercise routine, or maybe even implementing a gratitude journal into our daily routine. What are the factors to pay attention to in order to sustain that motivation and create life-long healthy habits?

There are two main factors that come into play when we focus on sustaining motivation and those two things are attention and effort. When it comes to attention, what we mean is paying close and consistent attention to the things in our lives that are distractions, the things that always seem to draw our attention away from the healthy habit we are trying to incorporate into our lives. These distractions that we need to continually address could include anything from television, surfing the internet on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube/etc., online gaming, gambling, drinking alcohol or taking other distracting substances. What is the distraction (or distractions) in your life that you know that you need to continually address in order to stay motivated?

These distractions drain away the precious motivation that we need to stay on the path to optimal health. And just like we brush our teeth a couple of times every day to keep them clean, we must also give pay attention to our distractions at least 2 times per day in order to ensure that our motivation stays “clean” and our focus stays clearly aimed at our desired outcomes.

The second thing that helps us to sustain motivation is effort. The more effort we consistently put towards reaching a goal, the more momentum we gain. The more momentum you have, the more results you will see, and the more results you see, the more motivated you are to keep going. We often put things off because we don’t feel like doing them, but after we do them we think “why didn’t I do that sooner?” It’s kind of like a workout; we don’t feel like doing it, but once we get started and pick up momentum it starts to feel great and then we feel thrilled when it’s over that we put forth the effort and got it done.

It is human nature to desire to do better, to live the life we truly imagined. And the only way we can do that is to pay attention to the things in our lives that take our attention away from, or distract us from what we were motivated to achieve in the first place. We also must put forth the effort that others won’t in order to reach the levels of health that we desire and deserve. Yes it will be hard, and it will make you a better person. Anything worth having is not easy to get. Step up and put forth effort to build the momentum even when you don’t feel like it, and allow that momentum to continually propel you towards your health and wellness goals!

What are some things you do to sustain motivation?


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