Let’s Aspire to be More and Stop Coddling our Fears

Two topics that go hand in hand but don’t get addressed nearly often enough are our aspiration as human beings to be more, do more, serve more, and our extreme inclination to coddle our fears so much so that we often stagnate and don’t take action on fulfilling our aspirations.

I believe that every single person is born with a purpose, but I also believe that it is up to each of us individually to dig deep within ourselves to find out what that purpose truly is. That purpose is often something that we might view as something terrible in our lives until we find the strength to turn it around and look at it from a different perspective. It turned out that what I perceived to be my biggest plights (having type 1 diabetes and spending almost 10 years at 200 pounds with a binge eating addiction) ended up being my biggest sources of strength. By struggling and fighting with these issues, I eventually realized that my purpose is to help others understand and embrace that the ongoing journey to health isn’t a chore or a bad thing, it is a blessing that we all get to have if we so choose!

Often we find that once we take the time and effort to be brutally honest with ourselves, take stock of our daily routines, habits, and environments, and see where we are actually the poison in our own lives, (and all of us is poisoning ourselves in some way or another) the truth always seems to end up revealing itself in the most amazing and enlightening ways. We must wake up from the foggy brain states that many of us are in and embrace the fact that not only is it OK to aspire to be a better human being, but it is our nature to do so and by ignoring or suppressing that urge we are doing ourselves and everyone in our lives a great disservice.

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The best investment we can make is an investment in our personal development. I strongly believe that statement to be true. We have to get past the insane belief that many of us hold that taking time or money to better ourselves through getting healthy, or any kind of personal development is selfish. In fact, NOT taking the time, effort, and money to learn to love and appreciate the unique human being each of us is, now that is selfish because you are not giving yourself fully to the world around you.

We must stop coddling our fears and letting fear stop us from taking action, and then take it a step further and replace those fears with reality. Most times our fears are wholly based on un-focused thoughts and scenarios we make up in our minds. “What if I fail?” “What if it’s hard?” Guess what? Anything that is truly worth having is never easy to attain. You will fail, and it will be hard AND you will be an immeasurably better person for it in the end. Failure is experience. How do you think I got so much experience in the realm of health? Sure college taught me some stuff, but nowhere close to as much as all of my failures, struggles, and hardships over the years on my journey from obese to athlete taught me.

What if we replaced our immediate negative “what ifs” with immediately positive “what ifs”? “What if I become healthier than I ever imagined possible?” “What if I have so much confidence in both my appearance and my health that I finally attract my perfect partner?” “What if I inspire my kids/spouse/friends/family to make changes that add years to their life and life to their years?” Those “what ifs” are the ones that will help you cultivate the mindset of motivation, determination, and consistency. So let’s stop coddling our fears in the New Year. Let’s resolve to take action EVEN in the face of fear because we know what is truly possible when we have faith and take consistent action.

When are some times that you have taken action in the face of fear? Let me know in the comments below.


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