Those days when you just don’t give a sh*#

Usually I am not one of the many subscribers to “I hate Mondays” since I really love getting started on each new week, meeting my goals, and creating new ones.  However, just like everyone else, sometimes I just don’t “feel” it the way I do 99% of the other time.  Today is one of those days.  I feel like curling up on the couch and watching TV, getting absolutely nothing accomplished.  But, alas, even though my feelings are such, I cannot bring myself to waste an entire day anymore, I used to be so damn good at it!

I have 2 finals to complete for my 2 courses I am enrolled in right now, both of which are still sitting there waiting to be started, an e-book that is half-way finished open on my laptop, tons of client e-mails to respond to that are next in line (even before the finals,) YouTube videos that need to be filmed, the list goes on and on, full of productive, valuable items to be accomplished, but I am writing this blog.  And you might say “so what?” that’s no big accomplishment, but I beg to differ.  Any time I can express my feelings and just one person out there feels me, I am happy.  Sometimes it is just nice to know that there is someone else out there who is going through what you are, that you are not alone.  And that especially applies when it comes to being diabetic.

Oh yeah, there’s that too.  Did I mention my blood sugar has been consistently over 180 since I woke up this morning?  There’s nothing like the combo of not being able to get your blood sugar down and a rainy day to create a lazy, cranky mood.  I took 1 unit of Humalog which would normally bring my blood sugar down to a happy-mood range, but not today.  I blame my inability/unwillingness to put down the chocolate yesterday for my high’s today, but knowing why doesn’t always make it better.  I just took a quick 20 minute walk in the park near my house knowing that the fresh air and movement would begin to improve my mood, and it did enough to get me moving on this blog.  So, here goes another unit of Humalog…here I come 120mg/dl and hopefully a smile, a cleared out inbox, A’s on my finals, and a few more pages of that e-book.  Huh, I kinda feel a little better already.  Thanks for reading, you feel me?  J

Here are my top 3 choices for motivating me to get going when I really don’t feel like it:

  1. Go for a walk – This is my #1 choice because when you change your physiology (how you are moving) you automatically change your feelings and focus.  Even 10 minutes outside of your normal environment and moving those legs can change your whole perspective.
  2. Drop and give myself 10 (or 20 or 30) – Again, this stays in line with changing my physical body in order to manipulate my mood, and it doesn’t require me to leave the house (or cubicle.)  It’s hard to focus on whatever is annoying me when I am doing push-ups, plain and simple, and I feel like a bad-ass when I’m done!
  3. Blast my favorite song and sing along loud and proud – Everyone has a song or 2 that automatically pumps them up.  Go to YouTube, put the song on, get up and sing.  If you’re at work this might not be a viable option, but at least then it’s not like you have the option of curling up on the couch and being unproductive since you’re already at work.  But if you are, go to your car and use your cell phone to do the same thing.  Singing really loud will absolutely change your focus and bring a smile to your face (and maybe some others too if anyone hears you!)


Let me know what you choose to do to get yourself going in on the days you just don’t feel like it in the comments below.  Let’s help each other be more motivated and productive!

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