Sex and T1D

Yeah I’m going there!

Throughout my diabetic life, many different, unforeseen challenges have arisen.  None of which are less talked about and possibly more wondered about by diabetics than sex and diabetes.  Of course this is coming from a female diabetic’s perspective as I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting an adult male diabetic who I can openly discuss their experiences on this topic with (if you know someone or are that person, leave me a comment below or email me as I would love to speak with you about your experiences.)  My biggest issue to date has been hypoglycemia at what seems like the most inconvenient times possible.  When you are preoccupied with activities leading up to sex and during sex itself, it’s really easy to forget to keep an eye on your blood sugar.  When you are participating in these kinds of acts, your body is already going through a ton of physical and physiological changes, as well as super heightened feelings in general, which makes it so much harder to feel a change in blood sugar even if you are one of the people (like me) who can usually detect fluctuations immediately.

So my advice is this; always keep a juice box or glucose gel next to the bed at all times!  I know that might sound funny, but its way better than having to get up and go to the kitchen or wherever you keep your glucose source.  And I know you won’t always be in your bed, but the same rule applies no matter where you are, you should always have a juice box or glucose gel close at hand no matter what if you have diabetes.  Also, if you’re diabetic and not married or in a relationship with someone who knows and understands what you are dealing with, I would highly recommend mentioning to your partner that you do have diabetes and you might have to drink juice before/during/after the act so they aren’t completely freaked out when you stop them for a juice box!  And if they are too freaked out, that’s a great way to learn that this person is not for you long term.  Believe it or not, I once went on a date with a guy who had the nerve to ask me to go to the bathroom when I had to check my blood sugar or inject.  Needless to say that was our first and last very short date.  I told him that if he was uncomfortable with the fact that my pancreas didn’t work that he could get up and walk away at his leisure.

Again, I don’t know if this is true for guys, but another reason (and maybe my most highly motivating reason) to heed this advice of keeping a juice box/glucose gel close by and making a strong effort to check your blood sugar before sexual activities occur is because I can’t reach orgasm if my blood sugar is low.  Even if it is 75 mg/dl, just 5mg too low, it’s a no go.  That is more than motivation enough for me!  I hope this helped you in some way, made you consider moving some juice boxes around, or just made you smile a little!

What are some other sexual challenges you have faced regarding diabetes?  Tell me about it in the comments below, let’s learn together!


  1. charly says

    hi, I’m a male type 1 diabetic and was diagnosed 2yrs ago at the age of 19 with an a1c 0f 12, I’m 21 now and trying to have better control over my spikes. For me I always check my glucose b4 any sexual event and make sure its anywhere between 100-150, if its lower than that i’ll munch on a sugar tablet or two, and if its above 150 than that just means I have to really turn this sexual event into a work out. usually after sex my glucose is around 70-95 Natural meds work best for me: black seed oil, bitter melon, oolong tea.
    a1c 5.8

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