Daniele Hargenrader, aka the Diabetes Dominator, is an International Diabetes Speaker on the topics of Mindset, Health, Wellness & Fitness. She is a Best Selling Author,  Nutritionist, Diabetes Coach, Athlete, and a person who is thriving with diabetes.

Diabetes Speaker Daniele Hargenrader

Daniele Hargenrader’s powerful keynote speeches address the core elements of sustainable health and productivity habits, both mind and body. She covers all aspects of wellness, with a strong focus on mindset and our power of choice that will improve the productivity and motivation of you and your organization, while taking your outlook on life and what is possible to the next level.

Daniele Hargenrader Diabetes Speaker

Daniele shares her journey from being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 9 years old, losing her father a few years later, and battling deep depression fueled by an eating disorder that led to her becoming an obese teenager, all leading up to taking back control of her choices. She covers HOW anyone who so desires can make these (and any other) life changes through changing our mindsets, changing what we believe to be possible for our lives, and changing our movement and nutrition habits.

Daniele also offers workshops in half and full day increments designed to make profound and lasting impacts on your team’s health, passion, and productivity.

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 “Everyone was thrilled with Daniele’s presentation. Many of the students made a point to come up to me afterwards to tell me how impactful it was. Daniele made it easy for me to ensure the theme of our event was being delivered with enthusiasm and expertise.” -Mary Wombwell, Professor and Coordinator, School of Nursing & Allied Health, Holy Family University

“I loved watching your kitchen demo! It was great to see how you prepare your own breakfast and how I could incorporate it into my life so much more easily than I thought. The way you break everything down into easy to digest pieces really makes all the difference.” Lisa Morales, Working Mother of 4

 “That’s it. I’m a firm believer. From now on, the only thing sweet, white and refined I’m going to devour is the practical and proven wisdom of Daniele!”  Ruth Weisberg, Voiceover Narrotor and Coach, Narberth, PA