Christina’s First Blog! I’m so, I’m so proud of you! :-)

There are certain things that bring me profound joy. Actually, there are many, as consciously creating and seeking out joy is a big focus in my daily life.

However, not much brings me more joy than getting to play a part in someone else’s choice to truly love themselves… to actively and intentionally PRACTICE self-love. More often, more consistently, more fully.

Self-love is my thing. It is the ‘thing’ that changed my entire relationship with myself and my diabetes, and really all other relationships in my life as well for the better. Cultivating said self-love via healthy habits is how I keep my practices strong, and how I teach others to do the same.

Getting to see others put my teachings into practice and seeing their quality of health and life change before my eyes never, ever gets any less exhilarating. To say I love my job would be a massive understatement.

Christina Clark is a beautiful soul who came across my path more than a year ago and a half ago. She filled out my free coaching session questionnaire and we had a phone call. I get to talk with people from all over the world every day as health coaching is the career path I chose, and helping people find their own self-love path lights my soul on fire.

And when we talk, we don’t talk about any of the surface stuff. We go DEEP, and we do it fast because that is how I roll, and how to truly begin to make real, sustainable changes towards personal goals.

Long story short, I did not get the opportunity to work with Christina right away.

A year and a half went by, and just 5 short weeks ago, she decided to join my group coaching program. We had another VERY DEEP conversation. She was READY to move to her next level.

And so she did. Her mental transformation in just 5 short weeks is nothing short of mind-blowing. She is walking her path and holding her head up high, not DESPITE all of the battles she’s fought, but BECAUSE of all the battles she’s fought. She now consciously chooses to see her adversities as advantages, as stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks, and that, my friends, is a game-changer.

When you want something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done. Christina decided to take her therapeutic journaling self-love practice to the next level and write her first ever blog, followed by several more amazing posts.

I didn’t ask her to do this. Her intuition towards her own growth while walking her path led her here, and I’m grateful to share her first short and powerful blog here today.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it always…YOUR VOICE MATTERS. Your voice, your stories, your experiences all have the very real and powerful potential to help others.

YOU are enough and you are worthy of love, period.

Don’t wait for perfection regarding anything that matters to you in your life or regarding something you think about daily as perfection doesn’t exist. It isn’t real.

Stop chasing that dragon.

Stop the “perfectionist” self-sabotage!

Write that blog. Book that trip. Hug/kiss that person. Take that class. Schedule that appointment.

Stop waiting. Start doing!

xo – Daniele

One Drop Blood Glucose Meter Review

This week I wanted to share my video review of the new One Drop blood glucose meter.

Knowing what options we have available to us allows us to make more empowered decisions about our diabetes management practices, and I like to vet new products for you and give you my opinion on them in hopes that it helps you make more informed and confident decisions!

One Drop is a subscription service with different levels you get to customize, and all of them include unlimited test strips each month customizable to how much you check, which is a great option for anyone who has high co-pays or doesn’t have insurance currently in the USA.

It also has an intuitive app that allows you to visually track all of your data, including food, medications, exercise, and blood glucose readings all in the same graph so you have more info around each reading.

Check out the One Drop meter for yourself HERE

Check out my interview with Jeff Dachis, T1D & creator of the One Drop blood glucose meter HERE

UPDATE: One Drop has resolved the case issue and sent me a replacement case that is much more secure!

My meter wasn’t connected to the latest version of the One Drop app when I shot this video (I’m an upgrade procrastinator), but now that it is, my BG readings sync automatically with the app and I don’t have to enter them manually!

The app also has Apple Health integration and automatically pulls all of your Dexcom data in. No codes or cords necessary! Just enable Apple Health on Dexcom & One Drop and you’re good to go.

One Drop also pulls in data from tons of other apps, including MyFitnessPal, Strava, Runtastic, etc… Everything is automated and you rarely have to manually enter anything. Learn more HERE.

Lastly, about 2 months ago, One Drop launched a couple new subscription plans and products. You can get all the strips you need (depending on how much you check) for as low as $13/month. You can see all of the subscription options HERE.

Hope this helps you make a more informed decision about your own personal diabetes management choices!

With Love, Daniele 🙂

My Pump Failed…Choosing Gratitude Over Grief

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Diabetes Dominator Group Coaching Program Launch! Grab Your Spot Now! :)

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Diabetes Dominator Group Coaching Program Kicks off July 10!!! Come & join the team! :)

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!    I’ve had the blessing and privilege of working with clients one-on-one with incredible, repeatable, proven success for the past 7 years now, and will probably continue to do so forever as I absolutely love it. It is my passion to guide people with diabetes into SUSTAINABLY owning their power of choice, confidence, […]

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My first time in Idaho was AMAZING! Find out why… :)

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Love & Connection – In Person Diabetes Peer Support – Get Some! :) Plus, see me dancing on a fireplace!

Since I was extremely introverted, suffering from an eating disorder, and depressed during my teenage years, I never wanted to go to diabetes camp even though my mom suggested it several times. I realize now as an adult how incredibly crucial it is to hang out with our peers with diabetes in order to know […]

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Diabetes Dominator De-clutter Your Environment & Mind – 1 Day Challenge

Today we are putting the focus on de-cluttering our external environments in order to free up space in our minds and bodies for improving our self-care and diabetes management practices. Usually we don’t realize how bogged down mentally and physically we are by our environmental clutter, and how much it affects our willingness and desire […]

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Anna Norton Interviewed by Daniele Hargenrader – Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator, Episode 63

I had an awesome time interviewing Anna! She is kind, empathetic, funny, logical, and super hard-working! I love her attitude on truly “living” life with diabetes, and how she changed her mind about what life with diabetes meant to her over time and with experience. Anna Norton has been living with type 1 diabetes since […]

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The Faces of Diabetes Book & Jerry the Bear Interview :-)

This week, as always, I’m excited to share a couple of awesome resources for the diabetes community! The Faces of Diabetes Book  I’m so proud of my T1 friend Edward Fieder, founder of the non-profit organization The Faces of Diabetes for bringing what was a true labor of love from just an idea, to being […]

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